Weekly Round Up

18 Mar

This week was #paleoFx or #pfx12 or #paleoFx12, so many of us were busy gossiping about the great tweets coming out of that conference in Austin, TX (not surprisingly, Paul Jaminet’s talk was well received…but someone brought some TNT to the party…sounds like an interesting time). Anyway, here are some of the other things we discussed in the Highbrow Paleo group.

Julia's carnitas.

We have had our first HIGHBROW PALEO BABY! Welcome to the world Elwood!  Congratulations Barb, and great work! That is one beautiful baby!


Elizabeth shares this YouTube of a kid telling Monsanto to shove it.


Pat cooks fish heads and loves eating the EYEBALLS. He illustrates this adventure on his blog.


Adam shares this article about the evolution of the taste for sweet – use it or lose it may be a good thing in this case.


Carl shares this photo of ants eating the real butter and shunning thetwo other globs of margarine.

Ooooh the red meat scare this week. Just in case you haven’t heard about it, here are a few links for your reading pleasure: original journal article, here is what Zoe Harcombe has to say, Gary Taubes says this, Anthony Colpo weighs in here,  Dean Ornish does his thing here, Mark Sisson hires a Minger to weigh in here, the savvy J. Stanton preaches it here and finally, Chris Masterjohn brings us some sanity here.  Stabby sums it up for us with this comment, “All in all I’m not impressed. The lady who wrote the critique suspects bias because one of the authors is a well-known vegetarian zealot and Dean Ornish peer-reviewed it. Before they did the multivariate analysis red meat up to the 3rd quintile was actually protective against mortality, and in my view the multivariate analysis was biased because it ignored important factors, only controlling for enough to get a statistic that the authors wanted.


Amanda shares this interesting story about Stoneage written communication. “They seem to have found evidence that some form of written language was being attempted by our Stone Age ancestors, an idea that – if substantiated – would push back the recognised birth of writing from about 6,000 years ago, as produced by the first agrarian societies, to an incredible 30,000 years ago.”

The very beige looking UK "sustainable" diet.

Mary offers up this story that explains that most research findings are actually FALSE!


Despite our pro-red meat stance, cooking meat at high temps does not look to be a great idea. Matthew shares that liver and eggs do not form these heterocyclic amines when they are fried, however there may be other chemicals formed.  Stabby shares that rosemary has been shown to reduce these chemicals in grilled meats. Yum!


It looks like babies are exposed to beneficial bacteria while still in utero, which is interesting since the common belief was that only babies born via vaginal delivery were exposed.

Party food.


Kamal has launched his new website: paindatabase.com.  Add it to your feed to get frequent informative and funny updates!


Chicken Nugget Paste. (Click for article on this subject. Frickin' grody!)

Stabby reminds us that even though we don’t hear much about trans-fats anymore these days, it’s still good to add to the pot of knowledge about these toxic fats – they cause increased visceral fat and are highly correlated with Type II Diabetes.


Inga shares that honeybee deaths are linked to corn insecticides.


Finally, as an answer to all those complicated candy cigarette Paleo cooking blogs out there, we are launching the first Highbrow Paleo Iron Chef! The rules are going to be centered around simple easy to access food, minimal kitchen processing and few seasonings. First up: BATTLE EGG! Keep watching for an upcoming post with our creations. Future battles will involve submissions from YOU, and other Paleo cooks.


Matthew's supper - all steamed together.


8 Responses to “Weekly Round Up”

  1. mem March 18, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    Yum!!!! Matthew’s dinner looks delish! Great roundup, as always, Meredith. 🙂

    • Meredith March 18, 2012 at 7:15 pm #

      Thanks so much – hurried as usual. But Matthew’s dinner was a reminder to me that simple foods, simply cooked – sometimes all together can be gorgeous!

  2. primallykosher March 21, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

    Too simplistic! Few seasonings, I’m going to have to cook with those limitations on passover. 😦

    • Meredith March 21, 2012 at 3:14 pm #

      Simple is what we’re going for! Kind of an answer to all those overly complicated Paleo creations that are out there right now. Paleo French Toast???? Paleo Cake????

      We’ll see though. You should participate in our next round. You can email your photo and description to highbrowpaleo@groups.facebook.com. 🙂

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