Weekly Round Up

19 Feb

Here a recap of the strange, funny and smart things we discuss in the Highbrow Paleo group.

Cauliflower fried "rice" mise. Roasted chicken marinated in goat yogurt and citrus, seasoned BaltiCurry style

Stabby shares this video – oh the perils of going Vegan! We want to know why she is shopping in her undies? Why can’t she find a neck brace that actually fits? Why is eating meat not okay but violent sex in which one person is hurt is?

Our Finnish friend Jan tell us that his ancestors probably ate more than 1 kg of fish daily!

Check out this blog for more of the same goodness - http://mealpod.blogspot.com/.

Matthew shares some great FREE online lectures by John Hawkes.

One of our resident nutrition students Pat has a few new posts up on his blog.

Check out this blog if you lust for more...http://thedomesticman.tumblr.com/

Even though artificial sweeteners aren’t “Paleo” we still talk about them and the additive maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is one of the FIRST things added to weight gainer powders and has a glycemic index of 105. Table sugar has a GI of like 59 and honey can be as low as 31! So, check out your stevia to make sure this additive isn’t in there, unless of course you are using it in your bodybuilding drinks.

There were a few great podcasts this week. Sean Croxton interviews Chris Kresser.  Chris Masterjohn is on Jimmy Moore’s podcast as well. Both are worth a listen.

Chili-salted duck's egg crab with grilled oysters.

Will this microchip be the next bone loss drug????

Matthew's balls of meat.

We talk about this graphic:

and Amanda roots out the source: PCRM, the vegan doctor group. Maybe not an unbiased source of such information, eh?

Finally, some more horrifying stuff about the future of chicken farming. Is this for real?

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