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Weekly Round Up

26 Feb

Fights, brawls, gossip, discussion and food ideas shared among members of the Highbrow Paleo Group.

The Paleo Summit by Sean Croxton started today. We listened to Mark Sisson and pretty much all agree that he was a stellar pick to kick off the presentations. So balanced. So open. So sane. I wonder if any of the other presenters will be his equal. We’ll see.

Here’s a nice Paleo Barbecue Sauce recipe from the Domestic Man (fingers crossed that this guy puts out a cookbook at some point).

Russ's Barbecue Sauce.

Pat from the Nutritionator blog shared this great new post listing tons of Paleo meal ideas with links to recipes. 

Mal was afraid that dropping her coffee habit for green tea would bugger her high iron levels. But Matthew saves the day with this piece about green tea polyphenols performing the same chelating function as coffee.

Matthew wonders if it’s true that modern women are going grey faster these days. If so, what could be some of the reasons?

Yay! A new experimental weight loss pill! Andrew says, “Obesity pills will never work for the US current condition because we are in a state of deficiency rather than a state of excess. Purgative therapies are easy but upper regulating metabolism on people who are deficient is going to be a disaster every single time.”

Julia and Adam share their love of the brine. Jules’ plain chicken breast went from blah to awesomeballs with a mere soak.

Adam's Chicken Brining Bucket

Is the “rule” about getting 8 hours of sleep a myth we’ve just all bought into?

Andrew shares Dr. Bryan Walsh’s short video on adrenal stress.

Rose shares a very interesting piece that goes a bit further in linking inflammation to metabolic syndrome.

Eeek! Sean links us to an article about dangerous levels of arsenic in rice and rice products, especially rice syrup!

‎”Did you know the USDA standards for organic beef only requires “grassfed” beef to be 30% grassfed?” No, no I did not. That’s messed up. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing this info!

Amanda has been testing Negronis from a previous Highbrow blog post by WCC Paul, "Cocktailing for the non-sugar-addled". Try it with a pinch of sea salt! *hic*

In an effort to consume more kale, Julie is going to drink hers – margarita style! 

Thanks to Stabby we know a little more about the benefits of Vitamin D.  It regulates LPS-induced inflammation, getting better until about 50ng/dl. So, it seems we can feel good about emphasizing D for inflammatory conditions.

Kamal shares the fact that medicare covers the Ornish Program. Yoga, meditation and plants are great, but there’s just too much PUFA and grains to make this a biologically sound (B.S.) plan. On a side note, AHS can book Dr. Ornish to speak for $40K.

A new book is out! A former vegan ditches the veggie plan and goes for his Granny’s old fashioned recipes – and LOVES it. It’s just nice to see support for traditional foods.

Jen's Kombucha is brewing!

Weekly Round Up

19 Feb

Here a recap of the strange, funny and smart things we discuss in the Highbrow Paleo group.

Cauliflower fried "rice" mise. Roasted chicken marinated in goat yogurt and citrus, seasoned BaltiCurry style

Stabby shares this video – oh the perils of going Vegan! We want to know why she is shopping in her undies? Why can’t she find a neck brace that actually fits? Why is eating meat not okay but violent sex in which one person is hurt is?

Our Finnish friend Jan tell us that his ancestors probably ate more than 1 kg of fish daily!

Check out this blog for more of the same goodness -

Matthew shares some great FREE online lectures by John Hawkes.

One of our resident nutrition students Pat has a few new posts up on his blog.

Check out this blog if you lust for more...

Even though artificial sweeteners aren’t “Paleo” we still talk about them and the additive maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is one of the FIRST things added to weight gainer powders and has a glycemic index of 105. Table sugar has a GI of like 59 and honey can be as low as 31! So, check out your stevia to make sure this additive isn’t in there, unless of course you are using it in your bodybuilding drinks.

There were a few great podcasts this week. Sean Croxton interviews Chris Kresser.  Chris Masterjohn is on Jimmy Moore’s podcast as well. Both are worth a listen.

Chili-salted duck's egg crab with grilled oysters.

Will this microchip be the next bone loss drug????

Matthew's balls of meat.

We talk about this graphic:

and Amanda roots out the source: PCRM, the vegan doctor group. Maybe not an unbiased source of such information, eh?

Finally, some more horrifying stuff about the future of chicken farming. Is this for real?

Weekly Round Up

14 Feb

Here is a wrap up of conversations, links, topics and photos that popped up in the Highbrow Paleo group this week.

Julia's post workout meal

Amanda is collecting information about infants and toddlers with Cystic Fibrosis – best meals for weight gain, symptom management and avoiding further inflammation. From our digging it looks like a lower carb Paleo diet with LOTS of MCT oil, egg yolks, liver and some high fat dairy products are the right fit. If anyone has any information regarding food and Cystic Fibrosis, particularly for toddlers, please email

Whole dried tiny fish are PACKED with nutrients.

Chris Masterjohn’s third installment on Chris Kresser’s podcast was VERY good.  Some take away points (thanks to Stabby for taking notes like a good nutrition nerd <3):

  • Inflammation from trying to mop up oxidized LDL causes plaque to adhere to the artery wall and when there is further inflammation it ruptures causing heart attack.
  • We want to use the lipids on our blood, but if they accumulate due to low thyroid or other metabolic disorders, then they stay around too long and have a greater chance of being oxidized.
  • There are good reasons and bad reasons for increases of serum cholesterol. Cholesterol can increase if you’re resolving fatty liver disease, once you start clearing them you may get an increase in cholesterol and triglycerides…but it’s a good thing! People on diets high in choline, folate and methionine, paleo diets, may be seeing this.
  • Potential paleo pitfalls: Too many plant goitrogens (thyroid antagonists) and too little iodine. Can cause hypothyroidism.
  • Holy crap a lot of plants are toxic. Holy crap holy crap. Millet and cassava aren’t good staple foods.

Steak, mustard greens, lacto fermented jalapeño sauerkraut, Japanese sweetie pies. by Julie

Peter at Hypelipid brings us more interesting FIRKO mice stuff to read about. Rose shares “The reason I gravitate so strongly toward the hyperinsulinemia thesis, including the calories “locked” in fat tissue, is because that’s exactly how it *felt* when I was fat, and even when I was just *becoming* fat. And even before the pounds began to come, right after I switched to a ketone metabolism I could feel energy flowing through my body like water through a parched desert. ”

Come on! Really? This lady is eating tons of pizza and kebabs. The fashion industry really needs to go paleo.

Do your kids like to dig in the dirt? Does it make them super happy? Let them! And while you are at it, join in! It just may improve your mood as well.

While we are on the subject of mood and the mind, beware of your cat!

Julia's recent meal out. A bunch of HBP peeps are gonna meet her for dinner soon.

Crossfit, is it a cult? Some say hell yeah, some say pass the Kool-Aid.

We wonder whether with today’s high rates of obesity, are we entering an epigenetic spiral of obesity?

Happy Valentine’s Day bitchez! l.php?

Weekly Round Up

5 Feb

Here’s a condensed version of the goings on in the Highbrow Paleo discussion group. Links, topics, pictures, you name it:

Matthew's coconut Banana Cakes

Andrew is cutting out coffee for the month of February, and here is what we learned: Cutting coffee cold turkey can be difficult but not impossible, Jan, our Finnish friend hails from the country with the highest coffee intake, and Greatist shared why coffee and tea are good for you in this infographic.

We LOVE Tony’s virtual paleo cookbook. Amanda loves the eggplant fries.

Matthew started a new blog and shared this recipe for coconut banana cakes. Julie runs with her bad self and tweaks the recipe to come up with coconut banana chocolate chip cookies. If we’re nice maybe she’ll copy down the recipe for the Eats section.

Julie's cookie version of Matthew's coconut cakes.

Crazy ass featherless chickens that do not need to be plucked are NOT paleo!

The Fuck?

Matt Metzgar posted about the effect eating in front of the computer has on overeating later in the day. It looks like many of us are guilty of this, however those who plan their meals and control their portions don’t see this as a problem for them. Maybe the planning is a form of front end mindfulness.

We talked about Paul Jaminet’s post on Carbohydrate levels. In the end a few of us continue to be macronutrient agnostic, while doing our best to avoid NADs and be nutrient replete.

Amanda shared this nifty NY Times blog post about the effects exercise has on autophagy.

Russ wonders what we feed our pets? Are they Paleo too? Russ buys Blue Wilderness, Fazila has a herd of cats and she likes Origen, Taste of the Wild, and Feline Caviar. Some do feed their animals a raw diet of bones, offal and meat. Some are happy getting the best kibble they can get while supplementing it with eggs and meat from time to time.

If you could go on a long vacation (4 months) to top off your vitamin D reserves, where would you go? We recommend: Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Thailand, Indonesia, East Malaysia or Belize.

Thailand ::dreams::